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Email Template

Registration Action Type

Action can be one of the following:   

  1. C      for Creating a new domain name
  2. M      for Modifying an existing domain name
  3. D      for Deleting an existing domain name, Contact ID or Nameserver
  4. R      for Renewing an existing domain name
  5. T      for Transferring a domain name between registrars
  6. A      for Agreeing to a domain name transfer
  7. N      for Denying a domain name transfer

For example, use the character C to indicate a new domain name registration. Changing a name from DOMAINAME1 to DOMAINAME2 is treated as a new registration. The transfer of a name from one organization to another is NOT treated as a New registration.

If the intent is to effect a transfer from one organization to another, clearly indicate this using the character M for Modify.

M      is used to modify an existing domain name. Please only list one modification per template by filling out the correct contact details in the appropriate section.

D      is used to delete an existing domain name, contact ID or nameserver. You only need to enter D under Action and either: (i) the complete domain name under Section 1, (ii) the appropriate Contact ID under Sections 3, 4, 5, or 6, or (iii) the nameserver. You should only perform one (1) Deletion per email template.

R      is used to renew an existing domain name. You must also complete Section 1, and Section 2.

T      is used to transfer a domain name between registrar and can only be used by registrars. Registrars should also fill out Section 0, and Section 1. You must also provide either the registrant or administrative contact Contact ID and password.

A      is used by registrars only to accept a transfer to another registrar.

N      is used by registrars only to deny a transfer to another registrar.

Section 0 - Registrar ID

The registrar ID should be left blank if Nic AG is listed in the whois as the registrar or if you do not know the registrar ID.

Section 1 - Complete Domain Name

For second level domain names under .AG or third-level domain names under COM.AG, ORG.AG, NET.AG, EDU.AG, GOV.AG insert the name of the domain you wish to register, for example, ABC.AG. The total length of the two-part name may be up to 63 characters. The only characters allowed in a domain name are letters, digits and the dash (-). A domain name cannot begin or end with a dash. Briefly:

  • .AG is for any person or organization worldwide
  • COM.AG is for commercial, for-profit organizations worldwide
  • ORG.AG is for miscellaneous usually non-profit organizations worldwide
  • NET.AG is usually for network infrastructure machines and organizations worldwide
  • CO.AG is usually for commercial, for-profit organizations worldwide
  • NOM.AG is usually for individuals but also can be used by commercial, for-profit organizations worldwide
  • EDU.AG is reserved for Antigua & Barbuda educational institutions only
  • GOV.AG is reserved for Antigua & Barbuda government agencies only

Section 2 - Term (or term extension for renew)

This only applies to new registrations for which the default number of years is 2, and for domain name renewals. You may choose from 2-10 years for an initial registration (using C for create domain name under Action above). Renewals can be from 1-10 years, providing that the total registration period does not exceed 10 years.

Section 3 - Entity Using Domain Name (Registrant)

The domain name is considered to be registered to either an individual or an organization. Please note that you should only fill either the name of the registrant if it is an individual, or the name of the organization, if the registrant is an organization. Both 3a AND 3b can also be filled in. It is important in this section to list the name and address of the end-user organization, not the provider organization.

If an item is not applicable for your country, leave that item blank. Please note that the street address, city, country, telephone number, email address and password are required for all contacts.

If you have registered a domain name before or know the contact ID, then you may enter only the Contact ID, which you can look up using our whois search above.

Section 4 - Administrative Contact

The administrative contact is the person who can speak on behalf of the organization listed in Section 3. This person should be able to answer non-technical questions about the organization's plans for the name, and procedures for establishing sub-domains, and should be able to represent the organization regarding use of the name.

Please note that the street address, city, country, telephone number, email address and password are required. Templates that do not have the required information will be returned.

If you have registered a domain name before or know the contact ID, then you may enter only the Contact ID, which you can look up using our whois search above.

Section 5 - Technical Contact

The technical contact is the person who tends to the technical aspects of maintaining the domain's name server, resolver software, and database files. This person keeps the name server running, and interacts with technical people in other domains to solve problems that affect the domain. The Internet Service Provider often performs this role.

The procedures for completing Section 5 are the same as those for Section 4.

Section 6 - Billing Contact

The billing contact will be sent invoices for new domain registrations, re-registrations, renewals, and transfers (which involves an automatic one-year renewal).

The procedures for completing Section 6 are the same as those for Sections 4 and 5.

Section 7 - Primary Name Server

Domain names should provide at least one nameserver for translating names to addresses for hosts in the domain. If no servers are provided, the Registry's DNS servers may be used to park the domain name(s). Incomplete information in Sections 7 and 8 may result in delay of the registration and activation of the domain name.

Neither the name nor IP address of a registered name server will be changed as a result of a new domain registration. The IP addresses are only required for .ag nameservers. A Modify registration request MUST be sent to change either of these values. Please provide the fully-qualified name of the machine that is to be the name server; for example: "" not just "machine"

Sections 8-14 - Secondary Name Server(s)

The procedures for completing Sections 8-14 are the same as for Section 7. No secondary name server is required, however, you may list up to seven (7) additional nameservers that will be authoritative for this domain name.



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