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Nic AG Resellers Program

Become a Nic AG Reseller

Nic AG is pleased to continue its improved Resellers Program, with the following rules and benefits to registrars:

  1. Resellers domain name discounts are relatively high, and increases according to the total number of domains registered
  2. Resellers have the ability to run their own affiliates program
  3. All domains registered via resellers sponsored affiliates count towards future discounts
  4. A reseller may only use the automated email templates, not the RRP
  5. A reseller does not have direct access to the domain database to make changes directly
  6. All current Nic AG resellers will be given the opportunity to become registrars
  7. A reseller does not need to sign the Nic AG registrar agreement
  8. A reseller does not need a deposit, but must pay the resellers fees

The resellers fee is US $1,500 one-time. This fee is waived for 50 + domains registered at one-time.

Note that Local Antiguan resellers only pay half-price for both resellers fees and domain names. Also note that we have discontinued our Platinum and Gold Programs and upgraded our resellers program to offer even greater discounts to resellers.

Resellers who have registered more than 800 domains may apply to become registrars. Resellers may also sign a registrar agreement and pay the necessary fees in order to become full registrars.

For more information about becoming a Nic AG Reseller, please fill out the Expression of Interest Form or email required application details to



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