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A registrar is an individual or entity that is certified by Nic AG to apply on behalf of applicants and registrants to register, transfer, renew or modify .ag domain names in the registry.

Registrars provide services to applicants to register and maintain domain names in the .ag domain, provide registration information update services for registrants, and are entitled to bill registrants for these services.

In order to be accredited as a registrar, a person or organization must meet the Qualifications Requirements, pay all applicable fees and/or deposits; provide services as per the minimum service requirements; sign a Registrar Agreement; know the Registration Rules and the domain system in general; and abide by the technical rules and specifications for Registrars.

To become a registrar

1) Read the relevant documents, including the Procedures, policies and accreditation requirements for Registrars and the Registar frequently asked questions.

2) Complete the online Expression of Interest form. Nic AG will then courier a package that you will be required to complete.

3) Once you have met the necessary requirements, provided all required information, your application should take 1-2 weeks to process.



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