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Email Questions

How do I change the email address and/or Contact Information on file for my domain name?
For .ag domain names registered through Nic AG, you need to initiate a modification requests at: or with the registrar on file for the domain name.

When I attempt to confirm my changes, the confirmation email is sent to an invalid email address; how can I update my email address?
You need to initiate a modification requests at: or with the registrar on file for the domain name.

Where and how can I get an email account for my domain name?
For information on this Email Service, please visit email-services.htm.

In addition, most ISP and Web Hosting companies also provide Email Services for their clients.  Terms, conditions and prices may vary.


What is Nic AG's Email Service??
For more information on Nic AG's Email Services, please Click.


My Nic AG email is not working; what should I do?
Please contact Nic AG customer service.

I forgot my Nic AG email mailbox password.
To modify your mailbox name or password information for a Nic AG Email Services account, contact your site administrator or Nic AG.


Can I still use Nic AG's Email Services if I change my DNS server Information?
If you change the DNS (Domain Name Server) Information listed as authoritative for your domain name, your Nic AG email account will not work until you set up the proper records on the DNS that you are transferring your domain name to.


What is an MX Record?
An MX Record, or Mail Exchange record, is a section of a domain name's zone file (a name server entry for a domain name) whose entries specify the mail server(s) responsible for email distribution for a specific domain name.

An MX Record contains the following:
  • The name of the mail server(s) that will handle email for the domain name
  • The priority setting for the mail server(s)

How do I modify the MX Record settings for my domain name?
MX Record entries specify the email servers that are responsible for distributing email for your domain name.  Therefore, when you contract Email Services from a provider, you must change the MX Record entries for your domain name accordingly.

Nic AG customers (those who have registered their domain names through www.Nic AG and list Nic AG's DNS [Domain Name Servers] as authoritative for the domain name) can contact Nic AG to have MX records changed.

In the event that you have contracted Email Services from an ISP or Web Hosting company and would like to edit your MX Record, please contact them.


I can't send/receive email for my domain name. What should I do?
In the event that a previously functioning email account for your domain name is not working, check the following to diagnose the problem:
  • Have you recently made changes to the domain name servers or zone file information listed for your domain name?   If so, the information may not have fully propagated throughout the Internet yet. Propagation time is the amount of time that it takes for domain name information to be distributed throughout the Internet.
  • Verify the MX Record entries for your domain name.  In order to use Email Services, you must specify the mail server that will be responsible for email distribution for the domain name.
    Please keep in mind that the default MX Record settings (if any) provided by Nic AG do not automatically handle email for your domain name.  You must change this information based on the service provider with whom you sign up for Email Services.

  • Please check with the administrator of the mail servers responsible for email distribution for your domain name, and/or with the administrators of the DNS (Domain Name Servers) that are authoritative for your domain name, in order to ensure that they have set up the necessary entries for your domain name.



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