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Where can I view Nic AG's Privacy Notice?
To view Nic AG's Privacy Notice, click here.  The Privacy Notice includes information about what information Nic AG collects, how it collects this information, and with whom this information is shared.


What if I do not agree with Nic AG's Privacy Notice?
By visiting our Web site or otherwise interacting with Nic AG, you agree to accept the practices described in Nic AG's Privacy Notice.


Why is Nic AG required to license their WHOIS information to third parties?
As an ICANN supported registry, Nic AG is required to create and maintain a WHOIS record for each domain name registered through its service.  Additionally, Nic AG must make available some information to requesting third parties who license the information from Nic AG.  As such, Nic AG maintains a data file of WHOIS information that contains only the Contact Information of those customers who choose to have their information listed.  Please note, however, that ICANN requires that all companies, businesses and organizations license their WHOIS Contact Information for use by inquiring third parties and therefore companies, businesses and organizations do not have the option to choose not to have their information listed.


Do I have to have my WHOIS information included in the licensed data?
If you do not contact Nic AG to request otherwise, you will be automatically opted out of having your WHOIS information included in the licensed data file.  In the event that you wish to include your WHOIS information, you may do so at any time by contacting Customer Support.  Keep in mind, however, that all businesses are required to include their WHOIS information in the data file, and therefore cannot opt out.


If I choose to have my WHOIS information licensed, can I change my mind later?
Yes, you can decide to have your WHOIS removed from the licensed data file at any time by contacting Customer Support.  Please click here to contact Customer Support.

Please note that ICANN requires that companies, businesses and organizations include WHOIS data in their registrar's third party data file, and are therefore unable to opt out.




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