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Grace Periods

There are currently several automated Grace Periods connected to the .ag Registry.

  1. Add/Registration Grace Period. This period is currently set for 5 days. Registration fees paid are refundable if name is deleted during this period.

  2. Renew/Extend Grace Period. This is currently set for 5 days. Outstanding renewals fees are due and payable at this time. Renewal fees paid are refundable if domain name is DELETED during this manual renewal period.

  3. AutoRenew Grace Period. Domain names automatically renew at the end of their term. The auto-renew grace period is 45 days, during which the Registrar can delete the domain name and receive a refund for the auto-renewal.

  4. Transfer Grace Period. Domain names deleted within 5 days of a transfer will result in the cost of the automatic renewal being credited back to the gaining Registrar.

  5. Redemption Grace Period (RGP). This is currently set for 30 days, during which time a domain name can be restored to the current registrant only. Note that there is a US $75 RGP fee for names to be RESTORED.

  6. Redemption Hold Period (RHP). This is set for 5 days following the RGP, after which a domain name is fully deleted from the system and becomes available for registration to anyone.

If payment for registration, renewal and other fees are not made during the specified time frame governed by the Grace Periods (Grace Periods), domain names may be put on HOLD, DELETED, or RECLAIMED for non-payment of fees. Please see Renewal and Deletion Policies.

Main Policies Governing .ag domain names


  1. Registration Agreement
  2. Registration Terms and Conditions
  3. Blocked or Reserved Domain Names Policy
  4. Domain Name Rules
  5. Dispute Resolution Policy
  6. Privacy Policy
  7. Grace Periods
  8. Renewal and Deletion Policies
  9. Disclaimer



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